Prior to ordering

Prior to choosing your size when ordering, verify the style of clothing and sizing below. You can also find these charts in the description of each item. There is no need to keep referencing back to this page unless necessary.

Find your size

To find your size, the best method is to measure your favorite T-shirt or hoodie, lying flat, about an inch below the arm hole. Measure across in inches. Double that measurement to determine the Width measurement of the shirt. The Length is determined by measuring from the top of the collar (at the seam) down to the bottom.

Compare your measurement with those provided in the size charts below.

Unisex T-shirts

Width, inches17.9920.0022.0124.0225.9827.99
Length, inches27.9929.0230.0031.0232.0132.99
Sleeve Length, inches8.909.179.459.7210.0010.39

Woman’s Relaxed T-shirt

Width, inches18.5020.0022.0124.0025.9828.00
Length, inches25.2526.0026.6927.5028.2529.00


Width, inches18.0019.5021.2523.2525.2527.24
Length, inches25.5026.3727.5028.6229.7530.87